This document sets out the UKAEA’s high level ambition for the development of its campus at Culham
(currently known as Culham Science Centre), provides an overview of its context, communicates
the key infrastructure requirements to facilitate development and growth, alongside setting out a
Placemaking strategy to create a cohesive campus. It culminates in a spatial plan that illustrates how
the site might grow to 2025; from 2025-35; and from 2035-2050. This end date is intentionally aligned
with the UK’s Climate Change Act, which has a legal duty to reach net carbon zero by 2050. This Act
has directly shaped the positioning of Clean Growth at the heart of the UK’s Industrial Strategy, which
has been a notable influence in the preparation of this 2050 Framework Masterplan document.

Whilst the UKAEA’s needs at the campus will evolve with time and it is not possible to predict what
those needs are or how the campus should best develop to meet them, it is possible to set out ways
in which the campus can feasibly and reasonably develop in anticipation of likely needs having regard
to the physical characteristics of the campus and planning and development policy and practice. A
Masterplan is a working document and requires regular review and updating.