Bikes out perform cars at Culham Science Centre

Nearly 150 cyclists from 17 businesses located at Culham Science Centre (CSC) today ditched their cars in favour of a two-wheeled commute, collectively racking up over 2,000 miles in support of national Bike Week 2015 (13 – 21 June).

To celebrate the site’s fifth annual Bike to Work event, leading members of the Culham Bicycle User Group (CulBUG) have launched an on site Bike Workshop to teach bike maintenance.

Anne Tingley, CSC travel coordinator and member of United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority’s property team said: “According to our annual traffic count, cycling to work is the second most popular mode of transport at Culham Science Centre, beating car shares and public transport. We hope that our Bike to Work day 2015 will encourage more people to consider leaving their cars at home and that our new Bike Workshop will provide a further incentive.”

Culham’s Bike Workshop, funded by Culham Sports & Social Association, will be managed by a group of volunteers and is led by CulBUG members, Richard Kemp and Jon Caumont.

“The DIY Bike Workshop is intended to encourage people to cycle to work and to provide those who are less mechanically minded with the confidence of having people on hand to help maintain their bikes,” said Jon Caumont.

The event was supported by Oxfordshire County Council to encourage walking, cycling and use of public transport and UKAEA’s occupational health team were on hand to ensure cyclists were in tip-top condition.

Mountain Mania, a Didcot based bike retailer, supplied a range of bikes and accessories and all cyclists enjoyed a free breakfast from Culham Science Centre’s restaurant.

To find out more about Bike Week 2015, visit