Intelligent Beds


Established 15 years ago and a Culham Science Centre occupier for seven years, Montcalm International is entering an exciting new era as it creates an R&D space on site to advance its research of assisted technology for hospital beds.


The company already provides over 3000 acute care hospital ward beds almost exclusively to the NHS, which benefit from intelligent functions to aid patient safety. Montcalm International has recently collaborated with neighbouring business Rufilla, also based in Building C2, on development of a pager system.


Founder, Chris Stacey, explains:

“We are working to adapt our current hospital beds to provide even more reassurance for hospital staff when it comes to patient safety. Recently, this has included the development of a remote pager that sends alerts to the nursing team if a patient gets out of bed.

We are also working on a number of other functions that will be revealed next year.”


Alongside assisted technology, Montcalm International is looking to branch into other areas that are not solely dependant on the NHS and are currently in talks with a Japanese company about a unique range of therapeutic products. Watch this space!