Neuro-Bio expands at Culham Science Centre

An exciting biotech firm that’s developing an alternative approach to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s has won £2.5 million of funding from US based Kairos Ventures, fuelling expansion and a move to larger premises at Culham Science Centre (CSC).

Founded by Baroness Professor Susan Greenfield, Neuro-Bio is an Oxford University spin-out that’s pioneering a novel theory, which could result in a new diagnostic blood test to detect neurodegenerative diseases in addition to the discovery of a therapeutic drug that will block key toxins.

The company started-up in 2013 and first moved to CSC in 2014. Due to its continued success, Neuro-Bio has refurbished larger offices and labs on site to ensure its expanded team of 12 can work efficiently, occupying a total of 4,350 sq. ft.

Baroness Professor Susan Greenfield, CEO and Founder of Neuro-Bio, said: “We are delighted to be moving into bespoke designed spaces where the ratio of office to lab has been perfectly rationalised. The space at CSC lends itself well to this re-design. Our technical facilities are now truly state of the art, providing a stimulating environment to progress the science. We believe that an exciting workplace results in a well-motivated and productive team.”

CSC is owned by the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) and is one of the largest centres of employment in South Oxfordshire. Part of Science Vale, UKAEA has exciting plans for the site to ensure it continues to attract world-leading science and technology companies that will play a pivotal role in boosting the Oxfordshire and UK economy.
This includes the development of two centres of excellence for fusion research and programmes following the Government’s announcement last year to invest £86 million.

Dawn Russell, Commercial Property Manager, UKAEA Property Unit said: “Neuro-Bio is a fantastic example of a growing business that has benefited from being part of our science and technology community both in terms of attracting and retaining staff in addition to being able to expand on site at a time that’s right for the business. We look forward to following their continued progress.”

Two years into a seven-year programme of therapeutic and diagnostic development to treat Alzheimer’s disease and cancer, Neuro-Bio is hosting an opening event in April to showcase the company to the outside world of potential investors, the scientific community and industry.

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