New centre brings ‘exciting times’ for apprentices in the Oxford area

The plans to build the new Oxford Advanced Skills (OAS) centre on the Culham are coming to fruition.

The new facility is being built to help resolve the skills shortages facing high technology and engineering companies in Oxfordshire. When completed, it will eventually train 125 young people a year, and is a joint venture between UKAEA and STFC. Leading training provider JTL has been appointed to manage the centre commencing from September 2016.

OAS aims to raise the quality and standard of local apprenticeships through employer-led training. The new centre will provide employers in Oxfordshire’s high tech sector with ‘work-ready’ trainees, apprentice engineers and lab technicians by giving apprentices skills and self-discipline through training in the workplace.

Project Sponsor and UKAEA Chief Operating Officer David Martin said:

“With the support of high tech sector companies in the area, Oxford Advanced Skills will help resolve the critical skills shortages we are currently experiencing. This venture highlights how seriously we take the need for exceptional quality young people making it into the workforce in this area.”